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Home life can be a headache to manage with so much stuff to document, track, organize and repair. I do all of that for you, saving you time and money.

Let me handle the “Yikes” list.
You enjoy the “Yes!”



White-glove service.

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Control Your Home. Not the Other Way Around.

Protect your assets

Create an electronic record of your home, and keep it safe and secure. Just in case.

Give files the heave-ho

Digitize documents, warranties, serial numbers, personal records, even paint chips and carpet samples.

Control everything from one app

Thermostat, video camera, security system, garage door opener, energy monitoring, irrigation — all powered through me.

Keep your home in hand

Access what you need from anywhere, 24/7. The license plate number on your car parked 1,000 miles away? Tap and it’s there.

Ask the neighbors

Collaborate privately with a select and trusted group of neighbors to evaluate complex insurance, seek referrals and share experience and wisdom.

Share key information

Securely share select information with real estate agents, maintenance and repair pros, insurance brokers — anyone you rely on to keep your home up and running.

Hello, Real Estate agents. Take a quick tour. When time is money, I save you both.

Facts in a flash

Age of roof, appliance brands, quality of materials. Get instant access to all of the home information you normally spend hours sleuthing out.

Pull great comps

With so much detail at hand, you can do detailed bottom up appraisal analyses.

Build relationships

Jules makes a great gift for prospective and current clients.

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Everyone who pre-registers gets two free Signature drinks at MoMo's of Walnut Creek.